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Unlock the potential of your workforce with cutting-edge time & HR Management solutions. Streamline HR processes, optimize time management, boost employee engagement, and ensure compliance effortlessly. Discover the power of data-driven decision-making and seamless automation to drive your organization’s success. Explore our comprehensive time and attendance management solution that is avaibilable all the time to  revolutionize the way you manage your human capital.”


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Business owners or HR teams often get excuses from the employee when it’s come to calculating their working hours and especially with the multiple locations or remote locations. It’s also nearly impossible for the employee to manage the clock in and out with traditional systems during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tempus technology enables businesses to manage their employees – payroll accuracy – reduce labour overheads – time spent on administration – enforce work and pay rules and manage different levels of compliance.

We had a cloud and AI-based dynamic solution that is effective in the COVID-19 pandemic allowing the user to check in and check out without a human interface through a voice command or facial recognition and instructing the user to wear the mask. The solution also supports multi-users at once, a wide dynamic range under different light conditions, 3m distance recognition, a QR scanner for visitors and a voice prompt “Happy Birthday” to your employees.


Real Human Scan

Real Human Scan

Support live body face detection, and prevent human photos and videos.

Multi-User Recognition

Multi-User Recognition

Face recognition of 5 people at once in less than .02s and a distance from .05 to 3 meters.

Anti COVID-19

Anti COVID-19

Face identification wear mark and advise if the mask is missing.

attendance system with visitor QR code

Take Control

Support visitors with a QR reader, capture strangers and upload them into the system in real-time.

attendance machie with happy birthday prompt

Employee Care

Care for your employees with a good gesture on their birthdays.

WDR and face recognition

Wide Dynamic Range

WDR and face recognition under a strong, dark and backlight environment.

Next-Generation AI-based solution

Next-Gen Solutions

Next-Generation AI-based solution that supports desktop, mobile and could multi-locations.

99.70% recognition accuracy

Featured Rich

99.70% recognition accuracy – 1280*780 HD Touch Screen – Multi-language support.


Large enterprises are facing challenges in collecting and collaborating employee time and attendance data gathered from remote locations. At the time of payment whether hourly, daily, weekly or monthly organizations waste a lot of time calculating the actual working hour.

Tempus Technologies is an innovative solution provider with a powerful AI and cloud base time, attendance and access control system that provides stable, reliable and faster access to employee data to manage them.

The solution works from a standalone environment to multi-locations through an intelligent cloud. Multiple administrators can access and define various attendance rules that can be applied to departments, locations, groups, or the entire organization. It also manages hundreds of devices and employees, their time, and shifts and generates a report from a single location.

multilocation attendance and access control on cloud



Tempus technology is a team of professionals doing a site survey to examine the location or spot to obtain data or information. We design feasibility, cost and time estimation required to perform a task.


As a solution provider, we understand that selling a solution is not enough if the customer can’t understand or use it. We offer training services to our valued customers from user to management for easy use and management.


We enable businesses to manage their employees – payroll accuracy – reduce labour overheads – time spent on administration – enforce work and pay rules and manage different levels of compliance.


Tempus ensure the maximum ROI on solutions bought by the client. We provide service level agreement (SLA) as a single point of contact for all end-user problems and the metrics to monitor the effectiveness of the process.


Our certified and expert team is ready to implement any workload from a stand-alone to a complex multi-location environment and enables the customer to manage from a desktop, mobile or cloud.


Businesses are working 24/7, so we are. Our team of experts is available for you 24/7 to ensure that your operation runs smoothly and you get your issue resolved no matter what day or time it is.

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